Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A little about me

I thought that it was time to give a little information about myself, who I am, why I am writing this blog!!! I studied fashion design, marketing and PR at university and went on to work for a national company organising their fashions shows and parties, which was loads of fun and great experience, as it's quite similiar to wedding planning. I have been a wedding planner for the last 6 years, I "fell" into this job by mistake, initially working for a travel company who wanted to start offering wedding packages to accompany the travel side of things, eventually after 2 summers offering packages, I realised there was a market out there that was looking for more personal services, more luxurious, people wanted the option to create a fantastic day for their guests while abroad, that would be comparable to the services that are available in their home country. Anyway, the last few years I have been privileged to have organised some beautiful weddings, work with fascinating people and of course come up against some immense challenges. Yes, it's a stressful job, but I adore it, I trail the internet almost daily for inspiration and keep up to date with new trends with all the internation wedding magazines and of course trips abroad! My vice is photography which I consider to be the most important element of a wedding day, I much prefer to downsize the amount of food than cut back on a great photographer! Anyway, I must go!!!! Photograph by Annie Aggelopoulou

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Karen said...

Hi Sara

It was so lovely to meet with you at WTM

Love the blog

I shall be in touch again soon, been rushed off my feet as usual