Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hotel, restaurant or villa as reception????

A very good question to ask yourself is which option will offer the best quality and value for money, yet retain the atmosphere that you want to create for the evening of your wedding. There are many points to consider when making your decision, some of the most important being:
  • The setting, a busy restaurant or hotel venue may not offer the privacy that you want for your wedding reception. Ask about hiring the restaurant or venue exclusively for your wedding party. If you are having a very small affair, with a small amount of guests, then look at hiring a private part of the restaurant or hotel, which will give you your own space to do as you wish with.
  • A villa of course offers complete privacy, especially when choosing a property with a lush garden, high walls or that is secluded, however this brings with it a large amount of hidden extras that make the set up a little more complicated than the previous options. Hiring furniture, bringing in caterers, lighting and setting up a sound system can prove costly for a small wedding, although the end result is usually worth it's while.
  • Entertainment, if you are particular about the type of music you would like played at your wedding, ensure that you check with your venue what is permitted, especially when hiring a part of a restaurant or hotel grounds.
  • Alcohol, the bonus of choosing an independent wedding venue such as a villa, is that you can choose to bring in your own alcohol from a local warehouse and hire bar staff, thus keeping your bar bill under control. When choosing a 5 star restaurant or exclusive restaurant remember to look at their wine list, as this tends to make a huge difference to the cost of the overall event.
  • Timings, when considering a restaurant and hotel, consider the time required to decorate the venue as most will not offer more than an hour before the starting time of event for the area to be made over, depending on what you may want, the set up may take more than a day.
In general consider all options, weigh up the pros and cons to the type of venue that you would like to choose and ensure that you make an informed decision that will please you and your guests!

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