Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beautiful Wedding in Crete

Today we are off to one of my favourite islands in Greece, Crete, on which I organised one of my favourite weddings, for one of my favourite couples, with one of my favourite photographers behind the camera!

So am I pleased with the outcome? Well after a feature on Martha Stewart and literally squealing with excitement at the photographs I am tickled pink. I have to praise Chloe Brown, the woman behind the lens, she really does produce wonders, I am blown away by her talent, Chloe you are amazing!

 The bride and the wedding party got ready at the farmhouse where the reception was held!

 The church was in the centre of Chania Old Town, the Mitropoli or main church, it had a very ornate interior as is usual with Greek Orthodox churches.

The light during the ceremony was fantastic and I think it makes the bride look ethereal in her white gown and veil, simply stunning!

Come back to us tomorrow for the reception and all the details of this fabulous summer wedding in Crete!

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