Monday, 24 January 2011

The wedding dress dilemma

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I know, I have been a very boring blogger last week, business has really picked up and although I have flagged many items to blog about, time just seemed to slip through my hands.

Today I am writing about a subject that I am quite passionate about and that is the dilemma when choosing a wedding dress as to whether to choose a designer, a fashion line's dress or perhaps even a copy of a designer dress from a dressmaker or a factory in China for instance. There are certainly arguments for and against choosing to spend a large amount of dress, however basically if a bride has a large budget, she is able to make a conscious decision on where to spend it, she is probably familiar with designers and high fashion and perfectly competent in making her own decisions.

The problem comes when a bride is trying to achieve a fantastic wedding day on a small budget and within that wear a dress that will make her feel incredible without having to spend an enormous part of her budget on the dress that she will wear only once for a few hours.

 Of course there are two ways to look at your wedding dress purchase, it's an investment piece, probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy, for the most expensive event that you will plan in your life. Each bride to be has a different budget, idea, expectation of what they want their wedding dress to look like. You will find ladies wanting to wear a short dress, a 50's dress, a dress they can dance in, a ball gown, a Grecian style dress and hundreds of other options available on the wedding dress market and all at different budgets.

When reading a wedding dress magazine, you will immediately realise that there is a certain image that is projected upon a bride, the need to have a large budget, the need to find a large designer dress in order to feel like a bride, the need to have the designer experience, the endless trips to the bridal salons, the experience of finding that "one" dress that will make you the happiest bride for that one immaculately planned day, in my experience, many ladies conform to these ideas as they are worried that they miss out on these experiences that they will later live to regret.

In actual fact you can look at your wedding day in a different light, actually in any way that you want, making it an amazing ritual including all traditions , make it modern with no set rules, make your day and of course your dress whatever makes you happy!

Some great ideas are:

To wear a colorful wedding dress
To wear a white dress of your choice that isn't classed as a wedding dress
To buy from a young designer
To have a dressmaker create the dress of your dreams

Vera Wang, from

lela rose from

lela rose, from

Basically the message that I want to covey is that every bride has a choice, it is great if you love traditions and want to adhere to them all, but it is also great to step away from the usual and make your own decisions that suit your personality best!

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