Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Fashion Forward Bride

So what exactly makes a fashion forward bride? What elements are important and where do you draw the line between looking unique and just over the top?

The following board demonstrates what we feel are the most important elements to creating a fashion forward wedding day look:

Fashion Forward Bride

1. A fantastic dress with a fashiony element, think ruffles, feathers, an unusual trim, a short length, a very low back, whatever suits you and your personality best
2. A great hairstyle and make up, again perhaps a little different to your normal do's but with an edgy side to it too
3. A pair of fab shoes, this is a must, wear something you love and would wear again
4. Wear a hair piece, this is soooo in fashion at the moment and there are so many styles out there, birdcage veils, feather headpieces, bands, etc. try them all on and decide which suits you best
5. I think it's fun to hold a parasol, so I threw this one in to the mix, perhaps a colored one matching your scheme would elevate the look?

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