Thursday, 25 June 2009

Wedding in Chania

Hi all, I have finally had a moment to breathe, relax and think about posting some of the magical weddings organised over the last couple of months! I love that each wedding is so unique, for instance I planned two weddings in Chania, Crete, that couldn't have been more different. Today, I am showing you some details and the setting for this wedding, the bride's choices were inspirational and I was so happy to have a wedding filled with peonies that are by far my favourite flower! A really fresh and pretty spring wedding! The couple rented two villas in the mountains outside Chania and we set up the ceremony in the lower villa garden and the reception in the upper garden! The setting was beautiful, the gardens were in full bloom and the view stunning! The bride's funky orange shoes complimented her chosen reception decor! The rose petal aisle became the feature of the wedding and was quite spectacular, the florist used more than 4000 rose heads to create it and I think the effect was enchanting!!! This is one of the peony floral stands that marked the area where the couple stood for their wedding, they were absolutely breathtaking! As the guests had flown in from all over the world and the group was quite small, I suggested that the couple have one long table rather than several so that everyone could have the priviledge of sitting with the bride & groom, I think the set up worked very well! We set up paper lanterns and ribbons in the trees, there was a light breeze that afternoon and it looked so pretty! The wedding cake was really pretty, a very simple white cake with pink peonies on the top, the bride had chosen vanilla cream and fresh strawberries for inside, very light and fresh! Finally my favourite image from the wedding is this, I think you can see the excitement as the bride and her bridesmaids walk toward the ceremony, I really love the shade of blue in their dresses, it was the perfect compliment to the Greek island setting amongst the lush garden of the villa! All pictures were shot by the very talented, Annie Aggelopoulou, you can find her at :

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