Thursday, 9 April 2009

Luxury Hotel in Rhodes

I have lived in Rhodes for most of my life and have visited most of the hotels on the island a few times, I am scarcely impressed, however the hotel, Spirit of the Knights, was a very pleasant surprise! Located in the heart of the Medieval city, as soon as you enter the courtyard you are captivated by the serene atmosphere, there is running water, chairs to relax in and a beautifully kept garden! The rooms are in a word, luxurious, beautifully restored to it's original glory, this hotel is really worth visiting, the beds, oh the beds, they look so comfortable I was really restraining myself from jumping on them and trying them out! Each of the six suites has it's own personal character and details that make it stand out, I really would be spoilt for choice if I had to choose a room, the great thing is that I wouldn't be dissappointed with any of the options! Really worth visiting if you want to spend time on Rhodes and steer clear of the hoards of tourists! See the picture gallery by clicking on this link,

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