Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wedding Photography

When planning your wedding, it is easy to get caught up in choosing your dream dress, the make up the hair, the venue, all the elements that create that one special day, which is all very well, but what will you truly value when your big day is over? Incredible wedding pictures, the capture the emotion, the details, the essence of your day are invaluable. Ensure that you allocate an amount in your budget that will allow for a photographer who's work you really admire! Whether or not you are familiar with different photography techniques or claim to be a photography critic, your wedding album is the one item that will stay with you, after the flowers have been thrown, you are back home, these will stay with you keeping the memories alive. They are also very important to the loved ones that could not make it to your wedding. There are different styles and effects used in wedding photography that you should familiarize yourself with before making a choice of which photographer to use at your wedding: • Traditional photography, these capture that traditional family line ups, posed images and cover the ceremony and reception in quite a formal style. • Reportage photography, a growing trend amongst young couples is to ask the photographer to almost “disappear”, he takes natural shots and looks at your wedding through an almost “journalistic” eye. He captures the events of the day; I always feel that these images capture much more emotion than the traditional ones. • A mix of both the above styles, this is perhaps the best option to go for, as you will have all the traditional posed family photographs, as well as natural ones. Some photographers will not or cannot offer both styles, so you may need to book two photographers to achieve the result that you really want. Once you have decided on the photographer that you would like to book, you should consider the following options when booking them: • Print effects, do you want all color images or a mixture of black and white, color and sepia? • How many printed images do you want? • Do you want to choose the images and album? • Do you want the negatives of the images for future reprints? • What size printed images would you prefer? • Do you want to choose some images to be printed to a larger size or perhaps on a canvas? • Do you want to choose some images to be retouched before printing them? All photographs in this post are by Antonis Giannelis

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