Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Oh yes, I am still here, I took a well earned decide about what my future holds and whether wedding planning is going to be part of it...I haven't yet decided. I haven't retired, in fact I organised many weddings this summer, I just decided to lay low on the blogging! Despite this, I do actually miss it a little, I have many weddings that I have starred to share with you, so I will get started, without the pressure to write something witty every day.

In addition, while I wait in the sidelines to see how it goes, I am going to offer my services for free to answer questions on paperwork, planning your wedding in Greece, suggesting suppliers and blogging a few gorgeous weddings along the way!

                                          Annie Angelopoulou, ask away, whatever you like!!! I am happy to share my knowledge with you of weddings in Greece!


StinYiaMas said...

Hi Sara! I am glad you are back - I really enjoy your blog. Have you ever planned a wedding in Chios? I live in America, and hope to get married there someday. :)

SP Weddings said...

Hi StinYiaMas

Thanks for your comment!

No never planned in Chios, although I know of a fantastic venue and there is a first time for everything, so definitely open to it!!! Keep me posted!